Next Session: Wednesday, January 24(Session 4)

As we make the transition from Position (the first P) to Propose (the second P), we will focus on RFP analysis skills and writing skills. You will come away understanding how to 'unpack' an RFP, participate in the strategic analysis of prompts, and how to write compliant, memorable, and differentiating content.


Please note, there are two (2) homework assignments: One is to prepare you for next session, and the other is longer-term to prepare you to receive some one-on-one coaching.

 Homework in Preparation for our Next Session

Your homework this time is simple. Please skim the RFP using the link below. This is an expired RFP for a project that Perkins+Will won (from another office), but the questions are typical to the types of RFP prompts to which we are asked to respond. We will be using this RFP to understand how to ‘unpack’ and how to respond to an RFP prompt. You don't need to read this word-for-word (pay the most attention to the questions needing response vs. the boilerplate contract language). 

 You may also bring an RFP for which you are currently proposing, and I'd be happy to work with you on understanding any of the prompts.

Homework in Preparation for One-on-One writing coaching: Due sometime in January (small group sessions to be scheduled near the end of the month)

Review the following document on writing rules; come prepared with questions about grammar and punctuation usage as well as ways you can improve your own writing skills.

Write a letter of interest/cover letter about the project on which you are currently working or on a project you are interested in pursuing. If you like, you may use the project for which we did research with you this fall. Write as if this is the only document your client will be reading, and provide summary information about Perkins+Will, your team, and the potential project.

However, if you already have a pursuit letter (something relatively short) for which you were the primary author (e.g., not rewritten by marketing, etc.), you may use that document for this purpose.

My team and I will review each document and provide you summary feedback. When we get together, I will then I will also sit down with each of you to provide ideas as to how to improve your writing.


Class Resources

The Super-Secret Business Development Tool: Research

Sample Writing Guideline