Within organizations, people are starved for knowledge at a deep level. We take pride in designing experiences through tailored training that transform organizations.  



Effective training programs support the mission, vision, and values of organizations. Our programs are unique in that we do not offer “off the shelf” training. Each program is tailored to our client’s industry, their organization, their clients, participant roles, and skill levels. Our training evaluations are excellent across programs and organizations, and show consistent, rigorous training in a supportive, engaging, fast-paced, and fun environment.

We tailor training for each client, offering programs in presentation and communication skills, leadership and management, team building, conflict resolution, and negotiation. We also offer customized training development and train-the-trainer programs to provide maximum value for the training dollar.



Our signature presentation program provides participants tools they can use immediately in shortlist interviews, design presentations, progress meetings, and industry events. From developing targeted strategy to designing individual and team content, participants come away with increased confidence and dramatically increased skill . We call our methodology ‘faster-better’ because it results in better presentations with less stress, more responsible use of marketing resources, and higher quality

 To date, we have trained more than 5,000 people nationwide in our methodology, resulting in enhanced portfolios, signature wins, and more confident technical professionals.


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For specialized or proprietary processes organizations need effective and well-delivered in-house training. We specialize in working with internal subject matter experts to translate detailed content into compelling training. We implement train-the-trainer programs to build trainer skill and confidence, and we support programs with beautiful handouts, information graphics, and visual media. We develop macro outlines and trainer guides that provide lasting value for the organization.

We’ve developed technical training for public agencies and private organizations across the U.S., including King County, Pierce County, and Seattle City Light.  AEC firms have retained us to develop and document proprietary programs in senior leadership, project management, and marketing.




Over the years, our trainings have shaped organizations for the better, developing team members to communicate effectively, lead their teams, and promote effective processes within their organizations.

As a design professional, I have been coached and mentored by the team at Communication Resources for over twenty years. In addition, we utilized Meg and her team exclusively to teach strategic thinking, communication, and presentation skills to over 1,800 employees across 23 offices worldwide. Meg Winch is the most effective facilitator and communicator with whom I have ever collaborated, and has contributed greatly to many of the firms most recent and significant accomplishments. Her expertise, energy, and ability to facilitate a conclusive dialogue are unparalleled in the industry and I am confident her involvement will exceed your expectations.

The Training Design Process