Good research doesn't provide answers,
it enables better questions.


Organizational Research and Client Surveys

We focus on developing clear research goals and rigorous data gathering protocols to generate useful and meaningful results. We use qualitative and quantitative research processes and apply standard and multivariate tools to analyze data and mine data sets for meaningful conclusions.

Our expertise in multiple research methodologies and analytical tools, combined with rigorous data gathering and reporting protocols, result in client, project, and employee research programs that add value to organizations in stronger relationships and more informed decision-making.



Accurate information about markets and clients is essential to marketing and project success. To date, we have conducted more than 3,500 interviews with the clients of our clients, gathering in-depth information about performance, competitiveness, and future opportunity. 

 Our client satisfaction/client perception interviews strategically gather useful information to drive operational and marketing improvements. We often hear how much our clients’ clients appreciate participating. They appreciate our friendly, professional style and provide us with useful and detailed information in response to well-considered questions, generating high quality data.  

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The hallmarks of our work are in the quality of  interviews, the breadth of our analytical tools, the depth of the results, and the usefulness of the documentation. Our clients appreciate how we can explain data to lay audiences to build greater understanding and confidence in results. 

Through traditional and multi-variate analyses, we dive deeply into data to help our clients get maximum value from their research programs. Our clients appreciate the value they receive from our detailed, useful summary documents and reports that can be used to drive organizational change.

We  deliver the data so it can be used to make a difference in the lives of employees and in the relationships our clients have with their clients.



Employees are any organization’s most valuable asset. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, we help our clients gather detailed feedback about how their employees experience the work environment.

  • Our research processes build trust among employees who have confidence that their confidential feedback will result in timely follow-up.
  • Our analyses generate valid results for a deeper understanding of data trends and relationships among variables.
  • Our reports are clear and complete, with detailed recommendations that help our clients improve employee engagement.
Your expertise was invaluable as we worked toward building our alliance and providing greater organizational impact in our community. Your candid recommendations provided focus and a blueprint for future action. You helped us recognize where we had achieved success as well as challenges we face that could prohibit future success.