CRNW delivers measurable value through improved communication across the project lifecyclefrom  
marketing through closeout.


As BD and marketing consultants, we develop overall strategy and structure that help organizations focus marketing dollars and improve hit rates overall and on individual pursuits.

As strategic planners with expertise in a wide range of facilitation tools, including Lean, we help teams find efficiencies in work and team processes.

As experienced facilitators, we ensure complex issues are fully vetted and that all parties have the opportunity to participate.


Our work is creative to meet the needs of teams and projects, with tailored and targeted products and services.


As partnering leaders, we start projects off on the right foot, and we help resolve challenging issues mid-stream.

As trainers and curriculum designers, we deliver and develop compelling training content in communication, leadership, and project management.

As researchers, we use qualitative and quantitative methodologies to support assessment and inform decision-making.


We are there when you need us. We work quickly to provide focused assistance that solves problems at home and across the globe.


 As coaches, we bring out the best in teams, helping them deliver winning proposals and presentations.

As technical writers, we develop meaningful messaging for meetings, conversations, and marketing collateral.

As graphic illustrators, we use illustration to communicate direction and enhance stakeholder buy-in.



Our Team

Communication Resources Northwest is a consulting and communication firm specializing in helping project teams communicate. Since 1989, we have provided a broad range of organizational development services to public and private agencies, including facilitation and mediation, pull-planning, change management, process improvement, partnering, strategic planning, individual and team coaching, leadership development, and team partnering. We also help teams communicate more effectively through meeting design and facilitation, visuals production, video or on-line training design, and executive coaching.

As a certified WBE firm, we provide services to organizations around the United States from our home base in Mill Creek, WA. Through a small and dedicated staff of highly skilled communication, design, and planning professionals, we collaborate with our clients to provide a significant depth and breadth of high-quality work at the least cost and highest value. We have worked with universities, state and county governments, and a broad range of local and national firms. We bring the breadth of our experience and the depth of our commitment to every work assignment, knowing that the needs of each client are unique and critical to the functioning of that organization.


When projects are critical to a team, a group, or an organization, our clients know they can count on us for
positive results.