A shortlist interview isn't about a single speaker, it's about professionals coming together to communicate an incredible and compelling new vision of a project.




Presentation coaching is one of our core talents—we thrive on the competition and love working with highly qualified  teams to develop winning shortlist interviews. Our art is taking incredible amounts of information and translating it into rich and engaging presentations. Able to envision what a presentation can be, we work with creative teams to develop beautiful and useful graphics that communicate messages artistically and clearly. Our passion is taking diverse professionals and choreographing them into a cohesive team that presents their vision with passion. 

Presentations are the crucial moment in the AEC selling cycle when the team must fully express its strongest value propositions to the client. Our goal is simple: We want to help you win.



Our coaching team at CRNW works with winning teams on signature projects across the United States and internationally. While large projects are exciting, we are not limited in our excitement or effort by size; we enjoy working on significant projects that add value to society at large and to the portfolios of the firms we serve.

Some of our recent wins include:

  • A downtown academic medical school tower integrated with a state-of-the-art cancer center 
  • A complete renovation to a regional medical center campus 
  • A design completion for an urban, multi-modal transportation hub
  • Rural and community health clinics
  • A signature art gallery/museum 
  • A transformational cancer research center
  • A new engineering building and a research laboratory on two leading university campuses
  • The design of new major medical campuses 
  • Roadway design improvements for a rural community
  • Signature interior design and planning projects

We find that after coaching a client through an interview process, many see the value of delivering a comprehensive presentation training program for their technical teams to capture what they have learned across their organization. 
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Absolutely Brilliant! Meg Winch of Communication Resources guided our project team to win one of our biggest contracts of the year. From start to finish her take on the issues, recommendations for presentation format, and tireless coaching were on the mark.
Even before we were shortlisted, Meg and her team were readily available to help us establish a winning interview strategy. Once at our office, Meg worked round-the-clock to ensure our architects, transportation engineers and planners developed a presentation that comfortably fit their personalities and addressed all of the selection committee’s issues. We will never approach another major project interview without her.
Key to our winning strategy was leveraging critical research and interview coaching by Communication Resources. We have an extremely high success rate on projects when adding their expertise to our team early in the pursuit process.
You focused our message, helped us develop eye-popping displays, and coached us on the most unique presentation we had ever given. Meg’s work with us was a direct contributor to our success in landing this incredible project.